Three Major Health Concerns with Asbestos

It has become common knowledge now that asbestos is a dangerous material and major health concerns have been proven to come from it. Not only are they extremely harmful to your health when inhaled, but more alarmingly they are being found everyone on older homes. You really can't do any type of construction or renovation on your home before testing for asbestos as this could pose a major health concern for you and your family. The three reasons why asbestos is bad for your health include higher risk for cancer, you could contract asbestosis and pleural disorders could erupt.

Higher Risk for Cancer

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the U.S right now so it is understandable why anything that might increase your chance of developing it should be avoided at all cost. Exposure to asbestos have been linked to numerous different cancers year after people have been exposed. The scariest thing is that you could breath it in without knowing it and then develop cancer years down the road. It is a silent yet lethal material.


Asbestosis is similar to cancer but is something entirely different. It is a chronic lung disease that gets worse over time and is directly related to the exposure of asbestos. Labored breathing and blueish tinted skin are two distinctive symptoms of this disease that does not yet have a cure.

Pleural Disorders

Years of exposure to asbestos could relate to pleural disorders, or disorders involving the pleural cavities in your lungs. These are very serious consequences of inhaling asbestos that can lead to chronic reduced lung function and even death.

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