Three Reasons Why Asbestos is Bad for Your Health

If you have asbestos in your home, or think you may have, you should know why asbestos is bad for your health so you can deal with it.

After all, there are some very serious reasons why state and national officials around the world are now recommending asbestos be removed from any building where it may be located.

Fibers are released into the air -- If there is asbestos in any building you live or work in, if it is disturbed it can crumble into small fragments. When it does, small pieces of asbestos can escape into the air where they can then be breathed in by individuals in the building.

When asbestos gets into the lungs it will usually lodge there. This can cause extreme breathing problems. In some cases, it can even cause lung cancer.

Scar tissue -- If a fragment of asbestos gets into the lungs, it can also cause scar tissue to form.

That scar tissue will slowly tighten in and around the lungs until it makes it more difficult for the lungs to expand correctly. When this occurs, severe breathing problems and shortness of breath will usually occur.

An enlarged heart -- If blood flow is restricted to the lungs, which can happen if asbestos is lodged there, an enlarged heart can be the result.

This can cause breathing difficulties, or can cause the heart to weaken even further. The ultimate result of this can be a heart attack.

These are just three of the reasons why asbestos is bad for your health, and why you should look into it if you think your home or work place may be contaminated with it. To learn more visit asbestos testing in Sydney.